AADL In Practice

Become an expert of software architecture modeling and analysis

AADL In Practice

Learn AADL and apply it for your projects!

AADL In Practice is a book that presents the Architecture Analysis and Design Language (AADL), its modeling and analysis capability. It is targetted to software engineers learning the language and looking to apply and/or extend it for their own projects. The book is decomposed into three parts:

  1. Introduction of the core AADL concepts: language syntax, semantics, model definition, etc.
  2. AADL analysis capabilties: learn how to model performance and safety characteristics into a software architecture model and perform latency and safety analysis with OSATE.
  3. Extending the language and OSATE plug-in development: Understand how to extend the language capabilities using properties and annexes. Learn how to create your own OSATE analysis plug-in.

Through the book, we illustrate each aspect with a single case-study: a self-driving car. A real-life example is easy to understand and can be adapted and reused by the readers. The case-study is available publicly on github.

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OSATE example

Where to find the book?

The book is exclusively available on amazon.com in the Kindle format for $4.99 and You can use a Kindle device or use your iOS/Android tablet/phone to read it. Alternatively, this is also possible to read it into your web browser on the Amazon website.

We are planning to publish in other formats in the following weeks. Please stay in touch with us to receive any update!

Available versions:

About the author

I am Julien Delange, the author of this book. I started working on AADL in 2008, while working on my PhD. I continued working on the AADL standard and its related technologies while working at the European Space Agency and the Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute.

While teaching AADL and mentoring teams to use it, I quickly realized there was a lack of documentation, teaching materials examples. Actually, there is no practical method or book to learn the technology in a practical manner, most of existing materials are conference paper or technical reports. This book is my answer to this problem and a way to transfer several years of experience of software modeling with AADL.

I am now living in Seattle and working at Amazon Web Services. While not working actively on the AADL standard, I am sporadically working on some projects related to AADL.

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